We have carried out a lot of work in Notting Hill and its Georgian villas and this one was a joy. Our clients, an American family who have lived in the area and the house for many years, were a real pleasure to work with. We made several spatial interventions to link the garden,  the lower ground and upper group floors providing a house which had previously been rather gloomy and disparate with a light filled setting for contemporary family living.
Notting Hill – London – UK

Contract sum: £550,000

  • Denbigh Road - rear window
  • Denbigh Road - kitchen
  • hallway kitchen
  • Denbigh Road - rear garden
  • Denbigh Road - front
  • Denbigh Road - dining
  • Denbigh Road - storage
  • Denbigh Road - living
  • Denbigh Road - planting
  • Denbigh Road - water feature
  • Denbigh Road - bath